Games are usually like a trend in Gclub, they come and go. Some even stay a little longer, but there is a rare case when a game is so good that no matter what you can’t stop playing that game. Although this is once in a blue moon situation but sometimes we either have emotional bond with the game or we miss playing that with our best friend. If you want to remember the games that you use to play and they are still worth playing, here is a list of my personal favorite games that are still interesting after all these years.

X-COM: UFO Defense

Although the games we play today have better graphics, better music and even better designing but regardless of the all these flaws we prefer playing them over the trash we have today. It has nothing to do with the games today but our preference of games have surely changed over time. One of these old games includes X-COM: UFO defense. In this game the players are assigned to protect the earth from the alien invasion, the player has to manage the clandestine X-group. He has to choose where to position bases and what exactly they want to use in terms of technology. This is not the only thing; play also has to win the battles on the earth using X-COM soldiers hence the name. When players have to do all these things together he invests time in this and no matter what this multitasking makes it interestingly difficult. This make the game even better, and this s the reason we have it number one on our list.


I know most of people get nostalgia when they hear about half-life. It is a 1998 classic and no one can seem to shake it off regardless of the number of time you play it. The story telling is so good that player cat seem to shake it off, not only just the story regardless of the fact that the quality of graphic is not so good the game is still very interesting. If you have still never played this game, I think you are missing out on one of the classic games that still have die-hard loyal fans all over the world.

Longest journey

Longest journey is one of the classics that people still love to play after all these years. The days are gone when we use to play games on PC we are a generation playing games on smartphones, X-Box and PS 4 and 5, but this game is truly iconic. Regardless of the fact that it does not have good graphics it is still better than most of the games we play now.