When it comes to playing games in Gclub, we know that in the time of information and technology we have it all except time and patience. Day is gone when hard work was the key to success and people use to practice day and night in order to get perfect at something. Today, no one wants to wait to learn a game; they want to know the tips and tricks and master the game easily. If you want to learn the game of snooker you must have heard a lot of tips but there are some tips that are very effective and can make you a better player.


It is very important to prepare yourself for game, its better if you know why you are playing the game. Don’t forget to chalk the cue tip of the stick, don’t rush and clean of the extra chalk by sticking it lightly on the ground. It’s important to make a good decision, you can rotate around the table, adjust your stick and think about the perfect shot, don’t rush things like you have to take the decision right now. A good snooker player wait for the decision but come up with a good and effective hit. This may be difficult for a beginner but taking a little time always helps.

Tips for beginners

It is very important to know that timing is very important, it’s not how you score the ball, and it’s when you do it. So don’t complicate things by taking complicated shot, wait for the right time and come up with one good, effective stroke. During taking a shot position is very important, set your position; it’s alright to take time. One of the major problems is people usually hit the ball and changes the position instantly, this may result in hitting the ball or disturbing its course. It is better if you stay at the place when you hit the ball.


Concentration on the target plays very important role when it comes to playing snooker. Target your desired ball that is lined up in front of the pocket. Take the angle and make the imaginary shot to check if it’s at the right place, sometimes people just see the ball and hit it because they see the chance. It’s important to see the angle and analyze if it is worth a shot, don’t waste your shot on a something that you are not confident about.