Before beginning the game, you have to gather some items which are often confusion to guess and understand what they actually mean. These can be green apple and pear, and a teaspoon or table spoon etc. This means that the items are of a variety of categories and one has to identify the correct item. The group of people can be of as many people as there are number of items. The group sits in the form of a circle and one person among the group is chosen as the leader. The leader makes choice from the objects and picks it up. Then they hand to the person who is sitting right next to them. The leader asks, what is it? The person sitting next, says, it is a pear, and then he takes the object.

The process of conversation goes on and each of the people asks what object it is, and they answer it with the best possible answer they consider is correct. The second individual passes it to the third person and the process goes on till the last individual in the group. While the process is still going on, the leader takes another object and begins the process of passing it as well. Mostly, when the group members have different items coming in the way with shorter time difference, they are confused and often speak out the wrong item, even knowing what the object is. The process of conversation proceeds throughout the group and the objects are passed just like that. In the process, when a group member messes up and speaks a wrong item, he / she is excluded from the group.

The items can be passed more than once in the group if one chooses to do so. The best part about the icebreaker games is that they are full of enjoyment and fun and the help people to know one another better. Additionally, they provide a relaxation feel and you can know many people around you. There is no limit of time mostly in the games and you can play them for as long as you want. The same game can be played for various rounds and even tournaments can be played to make a champion from the game. The games can be changed and various variations can be done to the game to meet the specific needs of the group members of different ages.