There are a lot of casinos in the world that is so vast that anyone can easily be lost for hours. There are few places where you can go to spend vocations as well. However, in Las Vegas, anyone can easily find world’s best casino resorts which have biggest gaming floors to enjoy days.

If you are interested in Gambling, I can show you a list of best places to plan for next vocations, where you can find video game machines on each floor, hotel rooms, table games, a lot of bars, land-based casinos. You would be so amazed to know that how large gambling floor could be.

Here is a list of few casinos which are at the top of the list:


This casino is situated in Atlantic City. This city itself is so attractive. It has a gaming floor of 161000 square feet area of its total area covered. Total gaming machines are 4100 on this floor. Apart from gaming machines, table games like the poker game, and 285 card games are also present there to enhance the variety of entertainment. This casino comprises 2002 hotel rooms to serve 2002 families at a time and 17 bars. Its is listed as the tenth largest casino in the world.


This casino is situated in Lisbon, which is a part of Portugal. Its gaming zone covers an area of 165000 square feet, that is, of course, the huge one. Around 1000 machines are present there to enjoy the time. This casino has table games such as poker game, as well as card games. They can easily entertain 1000 families at a time in their 1000 rooms along with 7 bars. It is listed as ninth largest casino in the world.


This casino is allocated to America’s famous city; Las Vegas. It covers a huge area of 170000 square feet for its gaming zone; comprising 178 card games and rest are table games like a poker game, whereas, gaming machines are 2300. They have total 5044 hotel rooms along with 20 bars for special entertainment. It is listed as eight largest casinos in the world.


This casino is located in Macao, China. Macao is very famous for having world’s largest and best Casinos. It covers the total area of 229000 square feet for its gaming floor only. This floor comprises 750 gaming machines that have 1000 card games, and other are table games for example poker game. This casino has 51 total hotel rooms and 7 bars. It is listed as seventh largest casino in the world.


This casino is situated in China’s famous city for casinos; Macao. It covers area of 221952 square feet for it gaming floor to put 835 gaming machines. It also covers table games like; poker game and 410 different variety of card games. Its 593 hotel rooms and 12 bars also takes a lot of parts to attract tourist to this place. This casino is ranked as sixth largest casino in the world.